Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Talk to Me Now: Ani Difranco

I have been a fan of Ani Difranco and her music for years.  As a budding feminist and community activist in my twenties I found her (often angry) words to be refreshing and cathertic.  She makes no apologies.  I love it.

Today I was cleaning my house and I busted out the Ani playlist to keep me company.  While singing along, I realized that her song 'Talk to Me Now' was getting me thinking...

The phrase I keep playing over in my head is this:

I've played the powerless
in too many dark scenes
and I was blessed with a birth and a death
and I guess I just want some say in between
don't you understand 
in the day to day 
and the face to face
I have to act
just as strong as I can
just to preserve a place 
where I can be who I am 
so if you still know how
talk to me now

Thanks, Ani

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