Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Buddy, Bennett!

This is my very dear friend, Bennett.

Bennett and I met in 1995 in Big Sky, Montana and became fast friends. When I shaved my head that summer, he was the only person I knew who actually like it (besides me)! One time Bennett and I drove across the US of A from Big Sky to Boone, North Carolina...and we didn't kill each other. He claims that I ruined his clutch on that trip. Whatever.

Anyway--we are still quite close and are the last 2 standing member of 'The Golden Girls Club'. When we are old we plan on living in a big house together, eating cheese cake and gossiping. Like usual, he will be the floosie and I will be the rational one.

Bennett is one of the most gentle souls. He is a brilliant writer and is funny as all get out.

I love him dearly :)

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