Saturday, December 20, 2008

My New Art

While on my recent trip to Prague I was wandering around the city with my friend, Sherry.  We stumbled upon an open market where we came across the art of a man named Tigran Sukiasjan.  We both fell in love with his work, and I picked up these three pieces as well and a piece for my friend, Lisa.  Now they are hanging on my living room wall, and I love them.  My conservative, Christian mother says 'well you sure are obsessed with butts!'.
I do have a thing for nudes, and have many around my home.  I can't help it.

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Dog said...

Like you I "stumbled" across Tigran Sukiasjan's art in Prague a few days ago. The first paintings I saw were in a gallery on the side of Charles Bridge where the owner told me that the artist was Armenian. Then, by chance, I came across Tigran's wife on a stall with smaller paintings and prints in market. I bought two paintings and a print.

Tigran's style is unusual and it was more by fate than anything else that I ended up acquiring some of his pieces.

Good luck

Frank Fitzsimons ( London UK )