Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Holidays, Chez Laurie

I am working in the hospital straight through Christmas, so I had my mom and dad over for a holiday dinner tonight!  Here they are pictured by my little Christmas tree.
For dinner I made roasted chicken, truffle mushrooms and asiago polenta--it turned out great and was a real hit!  For dessert I had homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream--yum!  We sat around my table and talked about my crazy aunt Gerry.  Seriously, she is crazy.
My dad has alzheimer's disease, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to leave the house--he gets quite confused, and I think a little scared when
 he is not in a familiar environment.  He did pretty good, though.  Towards the end he started talking about how he wanted to get home to see the Lawrence Welk Show, and I felt like he was itching to be back at home where he feels safe.
To the right is a picture of them with their min-pin, Lily-bit.  Lily-bit is the fattest min-pin you will ever know.  My mom tries to put her on a diet, but my dad keeps feeding her bacon.

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