Monday, March 9, 2009


For the past month I have been fostering two puppies for German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption.  From the very beginning, I told the folks at GSRA to send me the old cooter dogs, as I am just not into chasing puppies or young dogs around.  That is how I ended up with Roxie and Jake...both 10 years old.

Well--the rescue became a little desperate, and because 2009 is my year of 'YES' I decided to take them in for a bit.  They have been EXHAUSTING, but Ruby (the dark one) and Hazel (the light one) are just so full of love--and they think I am awesome to boot :)

Roxie really has taken to the little girls.  She mothers them a bit--it is too cute.  Jake is terrified, and runs away every time one of them bites at his tail---I think he just doesn't know what to do with them.  I will say goodbye to these guys in 2 weeks.  Although I will be a little excited to have my life back, I'm going to miss these two little poopers!

BTW:  they have been names for my two grandmothers:  Ruby McLean and Hazel Anderson


Joe said...

Oh my God, Laurie, they are PRECIOUS. Makes me almost wish I were in the market for puppies at the moment.

George, Faith and John said...

Good Lord, Laurie, four!? Even if two are only temporary, this really must be the year of yes. You're a good egg. I responded to your response on All things George. So good to hear from you, and I hope it can be a bit more in depth than these blog comments soon.

Chris said... adorable as they are, they do look like handsful!