Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Stacy!

This is my awesome friend, Stacy---she turns one year closer to 40 today :)  Stacy is married to Ryan and is a school teacher in Washington.  She has two daughters, Riley (see pic) and Erin.

I met Stacy in 1995 in Big Sky, Montana.  We worked together at the 320 Guest Ranch in Gallatin Canyon.  That was the same year we got to know our hot and famous friend Mark Norby who is Matthew McConaughey's stunt double and buddy.  We spent most evenings at the Half Moon Saloon drinking and carousing.  Sometimes we had to work the breakfast shift at the Ranch.  One night Stacy drank so much that she spent our shift the next morning puking in the bathroom, and I had to work all by myself.  Thanks, Stacy!

Stacy's grandmother always told her that she looks like Connie Selleca, and it is pretty much true--just check out this picture!

Happy birthday, Stacy :)


Weather said...

I love Stacy - we worked on our teaching certificates together. I can't remember what all of our group projects were, but there were many and she was the best partner ever.

stacy said...

thanks for putting me in your blog--it shows how much more you like me than corinne. mostly, thanks for reminding me of my uncanny resemblance to connie seleca.
and amy--back at ya!